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I first heard of your excellent products at the B.M.F Motorcycle shows and have never used any other products on any of my leather jackets, trousers, handbags or furniture since, I recommend it to everyone I know who asks how I look after my leather as it always looks like new.In my view it is the only product available I would trust to treat my leather goods.

Margaret, Norfolk, UK

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Who Loves Us?

Papouelli Shoes for Children

Papouelli Shoes for Children Logo

"Simply the best shoe care product in the world!"

Papouelli Shoes for Children is an award winning* London based shoe designer and retailer.

“We want our clients to keep their Papouelli shoes looking beautiful for longer which is why we recommend Renapur to them. School shoes in particular can take such a battering so it’s so great to have a product that can give them that polished look quickly and easily”.

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Pickett Logo

"Renapur really is the ideal polish"

Handmade in England, Pickett have luxury retail shops located in London's Burlington Arcade and Sloane Street which design and produce individually handmade leather goods using the finest quality naturally tanned leathers.

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Pickett Logo

"Renapur really is the ideal polish"

Handmade in England, Pickett design and produce fine leather goods. They use the best materials and fuse design with beauty to create unique, stylish and exquisite pieces.

“As our leathers are naturally tanned it is very important to use a product containing only natural ingredients”.

Pickett Leather Goods Shopfront

With retail shops located in London's famous Burlington Arcade and on Sloane Street, Pickett represent the true excellence of artisanal luxury. Using the finest materials, Pickett fuse design with beauty and endeavour to add a unique twist to the traditional English essential.

Pickett’s beautiful handmade leather goods require the highest quality leather treatment products to richly preserve the leather, and to keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Pickett had spent many years searching for a product which could do just that but had been bitterly disappointed that none of the products they tried quite made the grade. Then they discovered Renapur. They applied it to many of their magnificent handmade leather goods and were absolutely delighted with the results.

Pickett Leather Goods

Alice Downes from Pickett explained “We have sold other leather polishes in the past but many of them left a greasy residue on the leather. Renapur is absorbed into the leather, feeding it at the same time and giving it a lovely rich shine. It also has the benefit of waterproofing and protecting the leather”.

Alice continued “Also as our leathers are naturally tanned it is very important to use a product containing only natural ingredients”.

Alice uses nothing but Renapur to nourish, protect, waterproof and polish Pickett’s beautiful handmade leather goods. As Alice says “Renapur really is the ideal polish”.

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