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“What a product!”

David Crawford runs Hillwalking for Health, an independent walking guide operator which arranges guided hill walks for those interested in fresh air and keeping fit. A keen hill walker, David has walked the magnificent Wicklow Mountains for over 20 years. As well as taking in the beautiful natural scenery, David’s walks provide excellent health benefits and are designed to make walkers feel energised and fantastic.

Walkers on a hill

David walks in all weathers and his boots have to withstand all the elements that the Irish weather can throw at them. Muddy boots come with the territory as much of the Wicklow Mountains is prone to acidic boggy conditions. David needed a powerful leather treatment to keep his much loved walking boots protected and in tip top shape. Sadly, it was too late to save his old boots so he started applying Renapur leather treatment to his new boots, sparingly but regularly, as directed on the label.

For the last 18 months, David and his boots have walked about 3000km’s through the Wicklow Mountains. What a test for the power of Renapur! The truly remarkable thing for David was he discovered that although the treads and soles of his boots looked a little worn, the leather uppers retained a superb state.

David Crawford - Hillwalking for Health

David was so impressed with Renapur’s performance that he contacted us enquiring as to sales opportunities with Renapur products and is now the very proud distributor of the Renapur products in the Republic of Ireland.

David says, “thanks to Renapur the leather uppers of my boots are still in excellent condition. What a product! It is so easy to apply and does not go stale in the pot with age. I now use it on all my leather goods!

Find out more about Hillwalking for Health’s guided walks in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.